Alan Csorba
The young Czech boy fascinates with his XXL-body. In the movie "CSD-Stories round about the Christopher Street Day" You can gaze his hard actions...
Lukas Müller
This 19 year old boy has everything want gays want to see. A smooth trained body with sixpack, a beautiful face and - not to forget - a body where one normally needs a fire arm certificate. In the movie "Harte Kolben - The students flat share" you can see him together with his schoolfellow in a hot scene you never forget...
Vegavideo is a new company specialized in the production of high quality gay movies with young boys in the age between 18 and 25 years. By the cooperation with the young but well-known director Michael Christ we are confident to pep up the gay movie sector.
The production "Lumberjacks" is distributed by the well known and very popular studio Allworldsvideo in the United States. And this with great success.
Regardless of your request, please only write an email to info@vegavideo.de and we will give you an answer immidiately.

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"In my eyes it is cool if someone observes me when I am having hot parties..."

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"Born in Slowakia he lives now together with his friend in Germany. And when the camera is running we become to really romantic ..."

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"I honestly must say that I do not prefer young boys. Experienced gay men who show me the right way awakes more my interest ...."

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"I made my first experience with girls, but I really did not know what I have to do with them. Now I'm meeting only with boys. It's much more better...."

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"For me, it's very important to meet my friends! That is not to outperform...."